August Knockdown Scores

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August Knockdown Steel

Our next Knockdown Steel Match at Old Bridge Rifle & Pistol Club will be held on Saturday, August 8, 2015. The match starts at 9:00 AM but we ask shooters to please come early and help with stage setup. We will have 5 stages with about 30-35 targets per stage. Please bring at least 200 rounds of ammunition and a minimum of 5 magazines but its probably a good idea to bring extra ammo and magazines.

Please pre-register for this match.

Thank you and we hope to see you at the match

July Knockdown Scores

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Shotgun Knockdown Challenge Scores

The July 5th Shotgun Knockdown Challenge scores are up: Click Here

Registration for July Knockdown Steel

Please register for the July 11th knockdown match

The match starts at 9:00am and should end about 2:00pm. PLEASE come early to help with stage design and setup so we can start on time. Because this match requires a lot of help with stage building we ask that shooters show up at 7:30 to lend a hand.
There will be 5 stages with at least 30 rounds per stage. It is suggested that competitors bring a minimum of 250 rounds and at least 5 magazines. NO more than 10 rounds are in each magazine for pistol or carbine and shotguns start with NO more than 5 shells.
Each shooter can shoot up to two different firearms. Please register for each firearm you plan on shooting.

June Knockdown Scores

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Registration for June Knockdown Steel

May Knockdown Scores (revised)

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Registration for May Knockdown Steel

May Real Deal Steel Match Canceled

Due to road and berm repairs the outdoor range will be closed the weekend of May 16/17, thus the May 17th Real Deal Steel match will be canceled.

See you all in June!


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