January Real Deal Steel Match Canceled

Due to the poor weather forecast the match on Sunday January 18th has been canceled. Hope to see you in February!

January Knockdown match canceled

Due to the extreme cold, we decided to cancel tomorrows (1/9/15) match. See you all next month!

Registration for January Knockdown Steel

December Real Deal Steel Scores

December scores for Real Deal Steel are up: Click Here

December Knockdown Scores

December scores are up: Click Here

Thank you to everyone who helped get these matches on the ground this year!
Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

November Real Deal Steel Scores

November scores for Real Deal Steel are up: Click Here

Registration for December Knockdown Steel

November Knockdown Scores (Shotgun)

November scores for the shotgun match are up: Click Here

October Real Deal Steel Scores

October scores for Real Deal Steel are up: Click Here

November Knockdown Match (Shotgun Only)

Our next Knockdown Steel Match (11/08/14) is going to be a tactical shotgun match. It will be much like a USPSA match shot with shotguns only. There will be movement on almost every stage. The round count for this match will be about 175 rounds of birdshot (8 or 7 1/2) and about 10 slugs.

Please preregister here

There will be only three divisions for the match: Semiautomatic, Open and Pump.

Due to extra setup we will start this match at 10:00 am instead of 9:00 am.

PLEASE PLEASE come to the range early to help us setup so we can start the match on time.

If possible we will post stage descriptions ahead of time.

The match fees will be:
$15.00 for members
$25.00 for nonmembers

Any questions please ask

Thank you


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